Bruna Schmitz

Bruna Schmitz turns heads both in and out of the water. Her big backhand hits and stylish forehand snaps equally match her natural, Brazilian poise as a model. She put in two years on the elite World Tour in 2009 and 2010.

Bruna grew up surfing a long, right hand wave in the small town of Matinhos, Brazil. By the age of 14, Bruna was already the youngest athlete to win a professional event in Brazil. She kicked off her pro career at the age of 15, traveling and competing internationally.

Bruna is set on using her role model status to create fun, recreational opportunities for Brazil's less-fortunate youth.

Today, Bruna has stopped competing but her passion for surfing is still present. She alternates with grace between single fins, longboard or twin fins. 


Favorite place to travel? I love the tropics & islands, Hawaii is a fav since its the closest tropical island to me, but I love going to Fiji and the Mentawaiis in Indonesia.

Best moment in your career? Winning events is an amazing feeling. I no longer compete but I definetly hold on to the moment I did. Travelling the world shooting roxy campaigns with my best friends is also pretty special. 

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? I love cooking with my husband, hosting my friends and travelling. 

Fashion  essentials? Maxi dresses & hats 

Favorite moment with ROXY? We recently did a boat trip to the mentawaiis shooting spring 2020 and it will be one for the books. We had such an amazing time, scored really fun waves, and spent some quality time together. We barely had any service the whole trip and that was amazing!